Click Here and DOWNLOAD  Minecraft 1.7.2 (unZIP/unRAR then install it)

This game also needs JAVA installed.

When all it’s done simply run your Minecraft.exe file.

Pick a Nickname and hit Play button. . . Probably your system will check for updates and will execute them. . .

When all it’s done check what version you will run, we need it to be 1.7.2 in case below it is not correct!!!

Use edit profile and select correct version 1.7.2 then save it

Now you can press PLAY button, then select Multiplayer Game

To add our server in your servers list use button “Add Server”

For Server name use To-Lame and for server address use

If you login for first time with this Nickname use /register YOUR_PASSWORD to protect your character. On next log in system will ask for your password simple hit /login YOUR_PASSWORD